additional purchase costs

When purchasing a property, it should be noted that there are additional costs to the purchase price. We have summarized the most important costs for you at a glance: 

Real property transfer tax:             

  • 3,5 % of the purchase price
  • discounts or exemption possible in special cases
  • is calculated by the tax office

Land Register registration fee:

  • 1,1 % of the purchase price

Commission for our brokerage activities:

  • Purchase price up to 36.336,42 Euro: max. 4% of the purchase price 
  • Purchase price from 36.336,43 Euro to 48.448,49 Euro: max. € 1.453,46
  • Purchase price from 48.448,50 Euro: max. 3% of the purchase price
    each plus 20% VAT

Contract establishment costs:

  • According to the lawyer's or notary's tariff, approx. 2-3 % of the purchase price
    plus 20% VAT
    plus cash expenses

Land Register registration fee in the case of mortgage loans:

  • 1,2 % of the pledge amount if a lending bank has a mortgage entered in the land register


You can also download detailed information on additional costs for purchase or sale as a .pdf:
additional costs PURCHASE / SALE