Congratulations! You have the intention or already made the decision to sell your property.

It is advisable to engage an expert with this important task. To be able to sell a property quickly, at the best possible and, above all, realistically achievable price, a lot is required: 

+ In-depth knowledge of regional real estate market and access to current data and comparison procedures

+ Individual, fair market and achievable price fixing based on location, property type, size, year of construction and other characteristics

+ Negotiation skills and self-confidence in order to be able to protect the interests of the customer;

+ Empathy to optimally advise sellers and buyers and to be able to satisfy them

The right price is significant!

We pay the greatest attention to an objective and professional evaluation of your property, because a purchase price that is too high can have a negative impact on the sale!
The real estate market is currently in high demand and prices are changing very quickly. If you put your property on the internet at a price that is too high, there is a risk that the property will remain a slow seller, since interested parties may know the market from years of searching for their dream property and are not willing to buy an overpriced property.

If you ask for a price that is too low, you will be overwhelmed by inquiries and visits and quickly lose track and, above all, your nerves. Interested parties would look for non-existent defects with a lot of skepticism or try to negotiate the already very low purchase price.

Putting your property on the internet at a low price and then letting the price go up between prospective buyers can cause a lot of resentment among them. Nobody wants to have the feeling of being disadvantaged when making a purchase.


You have to remember, you can only sell your property once.


So don't worry about selling your property - let us work!

We take care of this as part of an exclusive brokerage contract

+  the creation of a professional exposé with floor plans and zoning plans, aerial photos and all important information about your property

+  the signage on the object (if desired)

+  the creation of a 360° viewing tour of your property in order to enable interested parties to take a virtual tour in advance and at any time, provided if you

    wish this. For your information: Personal interior may appear pixelated.

+  the review of our registered customers for potential buyers

+  the coordination and conducting of the viewing appointments

+  the insertions in print and online media and also takeover the costs for this

We guarantee you competent, discreet and, above all, dependable processing – from the preparation to the handover of the property!

And the best thing for you - we only get paid in case of SUCCESS.


So don't be shy and simply contact us free of charge!

We are happy to take the time for a non-binding consultation appointment for you.

You can reach us by phone on: +43 4242 22 999 or by email at